Crystal Mic Pro T ( The Typhoon)
  • Crystal Mic Pro T ( The Typhoon)



    The PRO T version has a thicker mic boom and a removable microphone. This version simply plugs into the audio socket of the headphones. The removable mic allows you to change the microphone to an M87 dynamic mic or the David Clark TSO m7A mic.


    This version comes with either the Bose 700, QC35 and WH-1000XM3 / XM4 headphone attachment


    Watch these video on Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose700 with Bose A20 microphones. 


    The Typhoon will function on other headphones with 2.5 mm (not the QC25) or 3.5 mm sockets but it is not recommended because a headphone attachment is needed to hold the microphone securely in place. If the attachment is not used, the microphone will swing freely in the horizontal plane.


    We recommend the Sony WH1000XM3  / XM4 because they are the best noise cancelling headphones currently available. Watch this review at the 11 minute mark.


    If you choose the David Clark M7A, only the mic is TSO and not the entire headphone / Crystal Mic combination


    *Headphones are not included

    • Our in flight tests show that the Sony XM3 offer better noise cancelling than Bose QC35. Bose 700 is better than QC35.
    • Pro model is better suited for large aircraft with EGPWS
    • Typhoon model only works on the left earcup where the audio socket is located.
    • Headphones not included. 
    • Not affiliated with Bose or Sony.
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