Crystal Mic Pro R ( Raptor)
  • Crystal Mic Pro R ( Raptor)



    The PRO R version has a thick 5 mm mic boom and a removable microphone. The octagonal neodymium magnets and the thicker mic boom helps the microphone stay in place even during turbulent conditions. 


    The micrphone has a new design that can be used with or without a magnet. It connects to the cable using a sturdy two prong military type connector that will stay firmly in place.


    Available with either our own M-7A2 microphone, David Clark TSO M7A or M87 dynamic microphone for military intercoms.


    Microphone can be swapped out for David Clark M7A TSO microphone.


    Choose the Sony styple plug (3.5 mm) if you use XM3/4 headphones. 


    Choose the Bose style plug (2.5 mm) if you use Bose QC35 or 700 headphones.


    We recommend the Sony WH1000XM3/4  because they are the best noise cancelling headphones currently available. Watch this review at the 11 minute mark.


    *Headphones are not included

    • Our in flight tests show that the Sony XM3 offer better noise cancelling than Bose QC35. Bose 700 is better than QC35.
    • Pro model is better suited for large aircraft with EGPWS
    • Removable swiveling microphone works on both earpieces. Magnets included for both earpieces.
    • Headphones not included. 
    • Not affiliated with Bose, Sennheiser, AKG or Sony