Crystal Mic Pro F (The Fulcrum)
  • Crystal Mic Pro F (The Fulcrum)

    Available October 2020...sorry for the delay. The factory making the headphone attachments are not working at full capacity and that has caused some delays on the development. 


    Contact us to pre-order and get a discount code.


    The PRO F version is our latest design featuring a vertical swivelling (hence the name Fulcrum) microphone boom with three premium microphone options:


    i)   David Clark M7A TSO microphone 

    ii)  Bose 317831-0030 microphone (the same one used on Bose A20)

    iii) Gentex low impedance microphone (used on military Bose A20 models)


    Available for the Sony WH-1000XM3 / XM4, Bose QC35 and Bose 700 models.


    We recommend the Sony WH1000XM3  / XM4 because they are the best noise cancelling headphones currently available. Watch this review at the 11 minute mark.


    If you choose the David Clark M7A, only the mic is TSO and not the entire headphone / Crystal Mic combination


    *Headphones are not included

    • Our in flight tests show that the Sony XM3 offer better noise cancelling than Bose QC35.
    • Pro model is better suited for large aircraft with EGPWS
    • Headphones not included. 
    • Not affiliated with Bose, Sennheiser, AKG or Sony